Wood Wool
Wood wool is required for packaging for cushioning and other purposes, like cooling pad for cooling system. This packaging material can protect delicate and fragile products, like ceramic, glass, porcelain pottery items.
Wooden Shaving
Wooden shaving is a waste wood left behind after finishing wooden products and furniture. The wooden shaving is produced from carpentry machines and tools. The shaving is flat thin curls with no specific shape or size.
Fire Wood
Fire wood is wooden logs that are used in many households for heating and cooking. People use the wood both, indoors and outdoors for more purposes, like bonfire, stove, fireplace, etc.
Saw Dust
Saw dust is produced in wood shop, as a by product in the wooden items production process. This can be used in so many ways, for instance as a wood filler, compost, etc.
Wood Powder (Burada)

Wood powder (Burada) plays an important role in the manufacturing of ceiling and wall panels. It has a glossy finishing making. It also shows great level of adhesion.

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